GeoBike Big Apple S




Modelo extraordinário de bicicleta eléctrica, com pneus largos







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Bad-Bike Arrow 2018



Ideal para quem quer viajar longas distâncias com menos esforço e

com um sprint diferente do das bicicletas assistidas, mais clássicas.






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GEOBIKE X-Road 2.0



Modern electric bike for fast driving on paved roads. 

Price: 1450,00€ (VAT included)




  • Lightweight alloy frame with 10.4 Ah Lithium-ion battery.
  • BAFANG 250 W motor in rear hub.

  • TEKTRO NOVELA disc brakes (160 mm) 

  • Outer 7 speed SHIMANO Acera gears.

  • Electric support with 5 power modes.

  • Controller with King Meter LCD displayer.

  • Colour: black.


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GEOBIKE City Touring


It's a modern city bike for everyone with comfortable unisex step through type frame. Touring is a great bike for city trips, commute to work and leisure trips outside the city.   Price: 960,00€ (VAT included)



  • Touring is very comfortable electric bicycle bike for daily rides. It has step trough type frame, wide handlebar with profiled grips and the construction allows to ride in upright position.

  • Equipped with front motor 250 W and 9 Ah Lithium-ion battery mounted on trunk. Controller from electric support is mounted on handlebar. It shows battery charge level, controls 3 power modes and turns on the lights.

  • Front and rear lamp are equipped with LED bulbs, in addition rear lamp has a parking light mode function.

  • Colour: white.


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GeoBike S-Road-C

 SPEED BIKE is a perfect solution if you want to ride really fast. Road bike construction, high-end equipment and electric support allow to achieve maximum speed with minimum effort - our G-BIKE S-ROAD can reach 45 km/h max speed. Speed bikes are dedicated for both amateurs and professional cyclist.

Price: 2580,00€ (VAT included)



Certified version of G-BIKE S-Road. High-end equipped powerful speed bike.


  • Lightweight alloy frame with 13 Ah Lithium-ion battery.

  • Powerful 500 W motor placed in rear hub.

  • Outer 10 speed SHIMANO SLX gears.

  • G-BIKE XT hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Electric support with 6 power modes.

  • Modern LCD displayer King Meter Just One integrated in steam.

  • Equipped with accessories - SPANNINGA LED lights, rack and mudguards.

  • Colour: black-white.


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